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Job Interview Tips: What to Bring

Interviewing is a learned skill, and making a good first impression is crucial when trying to land that dream job. Here is a short list of what to bring to your interview.

  1. Professional looking portfolio – take brief notes during the interview to demonstrate organization and to avoid crossing your arms, but only after receiving permission to do so
  2. Information about the company you are interviewing for and contact numbers in case of any emergencies before your interview starts
  3. Several copies of your resume, including one for yourself
  4. Any sample work that demonstrates your skills and abilities
  5. A list of questions about the position and company itself
  6. A calendar to schedule any additional interviews

With a little foresight and extra planning, you will know that you are thoroughly prepared to present yourself with confidence and poise. Remember that an experienced candidate with the right attitude and skill sets is hard to beat. Understand that first impressions count. Recognize that the interview begins when you arrive onsite. Each person you meet, from the parking lot attendant to the administrative assistant to the CEO have input. Be respectful, professional and courteous to everyone. Anticipate a favorable outcome and you might just land that great new job!