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Healthcare/Medical Collection Services

Larger Healthcare Organizations (i.e. Hospitals & Clinics)

Patient satisfaction matters. Congress Collection will work with you to identify improvements that can be made to your revenue cycle. Not only is it challenging to maintain a clean database of accurate accounts receivable records, it’s even more difficult to collect a large quantity of past due, high dollar balances from your patients. Congress Collection has the best technology at our Collection Specialist’s fingertips and our staff is trained to collect expeditiously & respectfully. We are known and proven to uphold the highest HIPAA and regulatory compliance standards.

Congress Collection will gladly work with your IT Staff to make uploading your patient’s information & accounts receivable records easy through our website.

Small to Medium Healthcare Organizations (i.e. Doctor/Dentist Offices)

Need to do more with less? Overtasking your office staff with the task of collecting debt costs far more in time & money than it does to hire Congress Collection. We’ll work for you under a contingency fee agreement that our success depends on. No upfront costs, no additional fees; we keep just a percentage of what we collect.

Your staff will have a client web portal to easily manage and upload your unpaid accounts from anywhere with an internet connection.