What We Do

We optimize revenue recovery by delivering consumer-centric solutions.


Congress Collection’s most valuable asset is its people. For over 60 years, we continue to choose to employ passionate individuals that inspire and empower others through empathy. We treat others how we would like to be treated. You can’t go wrong if you always do right.

Congress Collection utilizes a scoring system to ensure that our clients’ accounts are being worked effectively and consumers are empowered with the appropriate resources. This scoring system, which lists numerous compliance objectives and performance expectations, establishes measurable guidelines for our staff, which enables us to provide the highest quality service.


Congress Collection fosters a culture in which every associate commits to learning and discovering a “better, faster, smarter, cheaper” way of work. Our solutions may be customized to meet your unique needs, yet one factor always remains constant – the fair and respectful treatment of consumers.

Congress Collection is well over 60 years old yet continues to REINVENT debt collection by delivering consumer-centric solutions. The results deliver more recovered money, happier consumers, and a better educated society.

Interested in Becoming a Client?

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Congress Collection sends a letter to your customer that allows 30 days to respond and/or pay balance in full. If the account is not resolved within 30 days, the account is automatically moved to Full Collection.

Cost: Flat Fee per Letter; less than the cost of a certified letter

Full Collection

Congress Collection utilizes full collection effort – letters (required by FDCPA), calls by Collection Specialists, skip tracing*, property investigation*, and legal proceedings* (*if necessary)

Cost: Congress Collection is entitled to a fee only if debt is collected.