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2022 Job Interview Tips: The Big Four

Inner Dreamer – Possibilities

Assume that your interviewer has read your resume. Your past experiences have earned you a spot across from the interviewer. Now shift your focus to your future. Paint them a picture of how you see yourself making a difference; not only in your work, but also in your life.

Inner Lover – People

Remember that an interview isn’t a transaction, it is the start of a relationship. You want your interviewer not only to think you are qualified for the the job, but also to like the thought of having you around. Don’t only show your interest in landing the job to your interviewer, but also display your interest in getting to know them.

Inner Thinker – Perspectives

Stay away from general statements that don’t demonstrate your thoughtfulness, ability to think deeply about issues, or the quality of your judgement. Use responses that invite your interviewer to think about what you said rather than just saying what you think they want to hear.

Inner Warrior – Performance

Show commitment, resolve, and the discipline to get things done. Your inner warrior orients toward taking action and crossing the finish line. Instead of listing job titles you’ve held, give examples of projects you’ve worked on and completed with confidence and humility.