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What We Do


Congress Collection’s most valuable asset is its people. For nearly 60 years, Congress has chosen passionate individuals that inspire and empower others through example. We simply treat others how we would like to be treated. Doing things the honest, “right way” is just part of our DNA.

To ensure that our clients’ accounts are being worked effectively and consumers are empowered by providing them with the appropriate resources, Congress has developed an internal scoring system. This scoring system, which lists numerous compliance objectives and performance expectations, establishes measurable guidelines for our staff, which enables us to provide the highest quality service.


Congress Collection fosters a culture in which every associate is 100% committed to achieving a “better, faster, smarter, cheaper” way to do things. Our creative solutions are unique in that they are tailored to meet the needs of a vertical, industry, and/or client, but one factor remains a constant – the consumer.

Although Congress Collection is nearly 60 years old, we are REINVENTING debt collection by delivering consumer-centric solutions. Our well-trained associates utilize cutting-edge technology that no other collection agency in the state of Michigan uses. The results are more recovered money, happier consumers, and a better-educated society.

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Collector’s Pledge:

“I believe every person has worth and should be treated with the utmost dignity & respect. I will make it my personal responsibility to inspire and empower consumers to pay their debts through creative thinking and thoughtful planning. I vow to always be professional and ethical. I commit fully to honoring this pledge.”

We know why people don't pay their bills.

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