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Aircraft Deicer - Detroit Metro Airport (DTW)

Integrated Deicing Services - Detroit, MI


POSITION: DTW - IDS Aircraft Deicers
LOCATION: Detroit Metro International Airport (DTW)
TYPE: Part Time/Seasonal
PAYRATE: $15.00/hour

The Company:
Integrated Deicing Services' core business is the safe and efficient delivery of deicing and anti-icing services to our carrier clients. This focus allows us to maintain a high quality approach driven by the use of cutting-edge technology to minimize chemical consumption and maximize efficiency.

The Job:
In this role you will be responsible for the safe and efficient removal of contaminants (frost, snow, ice, etc) from our customer's aircraft. Safety is our number one priority not only for our employees, but the passengers on the aircraft we spray. Each individual deicer will receive detailed training on all processes, procedures and equipment.

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Posted: 12/12/18

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